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Al-Wasat newspaper

Al-Wasat is an Arabic daily, political and independent newspaper founded in 2002 by investors from the private sector for serving the diverse Bahraini society.

Al-Wasat was ranked as the top newspaper in terms of circulation and impact by the Pan-Arab Research Centre (PARC) in 2012.

Al-Wasat scored the highest rank in the "Media Credibility Index" issued by the Next Century Foundation in London on 5 May 2012.

Chairman of the Board is Mr. Adel Al-Maskati.

Al-Wasat is considered to be bold in tackling different relevant issues, and its aim is to be the watchdog of society shedding lights on issues of public interest through:

  • Substantive news and analyses.
  • Consolidating and promoting the national identity for all Bahrainis.
  • Promoting the rational middle-ground in debate and tendencies.
  • In-depth and comprehensive coverage to provide readers with better understanding of their environments and to actualize their constitutional rights.

Al-Wasat is the newspaper for balanced and independent coverage that links the reader with local, Arab and international public opinions.

Al-Wasat reflects the diverse views with honesty and sincerity ensuring their impacts on decision-makers in government and society.

Al-Wasat  deploys a network of journalists and correspondents for monitoring and analyzing political, economic, sports, showbiz and cultural issues and events.

Al-Wasat is your optimum choice to activate your role in society and your assured channel to reach-out to the wider spheres in State and Society.

The Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Mansoor Al-Jamri, is recipient of the CPJ International Press Freedom Award (New York) in 2011 and the International Media Peace Award (London) 2012.